New factory to be added at EXEDY’s Ueno Division


New factory to be added at EXEDY’s Ueno Division

EXEDY has decided to build an additional factory at its Ueno Division, which is located in Iga City’s Ota-cho in Mie Prefecture, and, on April 16th, 2015, signed a land agreement with the city. The new factory is slated to begin operations in January 2017.

Ueno Division, which was established in 1975, is one of EXEDY’s major factories where torque converters used in automatic transmissions are manufactured, the scale of which is the largest in the world. The new factory, which has a total floor space of 18,800 m2, contains a logistics center on its first floor and torque converter production lines on its second floor.

Iga City Mayor Sakae Okamoto (right) and EXEDY Chairman Haruo Shimizu (left)

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