The 63rd Annual Shareholders Meeting was Held


The 63rd Annual Shareholders Meeting was Held

The 63rd annual shareholder's meeting of EXEDY Corporation was held on June 21st, 2013 from 10:00AM at the EXEDY Hall in Osaka Neyagawa City. The meeting's results are found within the following statements.

Meeting Report

1. 63rd Annual Business Report, Consolidated Financial Report, and Financial Affairs.

This item was described above.

2. An independent auditor and the affairs relating to the consolidated financial statement audit report of the 63rd term were discussed in an auditor's meeting.

This item was discussed in the consolidated financial statement audit report mentioned above.


Agenda Item #1, Surplus Distribution

The members have decided by vote that 25 yen will be distributed per share to shareholders.

Agenda Item #2, Amendments to the Articles of Incorporation

This agenda was approved as proposed.
Overview of the changes were as follows.

  • To prepare for future business development and diversification of business activities of the Company and its subsidiaries and added business purpose in Article 2. In addition, the issue number will be postponded.
  • If in case it is that it lacks the force of auditors as prescribed by law, we have established (the term of office of the auditor) Article 30 and (Election of Corporate Auditors) Article 29 provisions for substitute auditor

Agenda Item #3, Review of 9 Appointed Directors

As originally proposed, Haruo Shimizu, Hidehito Hisakawa, Hisayasu Masaoka, Masayuki Matsuda, Hiroshi Toyohara, Tadashi Nakahara, Fumio Fujimori, and Kagenori Fukumura are the 8 re-elected and Yoshihiro Kojima was appointed respectively. In addition, Mr. Fumio Fujimori is an outside director as provided for in the Corporate Act.

Agenda Item #4, Appointment of Two Corporate Auditors

As proposed, Mr. Kanshiro Toyoda was re-elected and Mr. Keizo Nishigaki was newly elected. In addition, Mr. Kanshiro Toyoda is an outside corporate auditor as provided in the Corporate Act.

Agenda Item #5, Election of 1 Substitute Auditor

This agenda was appointed as originally proposed; Mr. Toshihiro Okada will be the substitute auditor.
With the addition of Mr. Toshihiro Okada, the Company will meet the requirements of external auditors provided for in the Corporate Act.

End of Meeting


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