Presenting the Start of Challenge Activities through 2013


Presenting the Start of Challenge Activities through 2013

The globalization of the automotive industry has developed into fierce competition that calls for action within EXEDY to change our current FOB activities of Focus on Basics, to the new Challenge Activities that are further explained below.

This era of global competition calls on our employees and teams to become aggressive and task accomplishers. We plan on using the following Challenge Activities in order to secure and expand the future of EXEDY.

Through the Challenge Activities, we hope to be a company that is not afraid to challenge tasks, encourage employees through innovation while having all employees show their I LOVE EXEDY spirit through motivation, unity and awareness.

Tasks to be accomplished through the Challenge Activities are as follows.

  • Winning Product Development (3D, invincible products, ultimate friction material, etc.)
  • Expansion of Sales (overseas, M & A, etc.)
  • Increase of Profit (design, production, purchase, eliminate defectives, effective investments, etc.)
  • Organizational-Structure Reform (diversification of personnel, specialization, etc.)

These Challenge Activities will be displayed at all companies until the end of March 2016.

I LOVE EXEDY CI Activities

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